Dharma Group

Pioneering Agriculture Technology in Nepal.

Dharma Group is a group for the family business which was started around 40 years back as a local and small retailer which was started by late ram lachan prasad sah in the village known as Matihani Bazar, Mahottari, Nepal.

Our Story

Supply The Best Agriculture Technology


We keep things simple since we recognize how difficult this industry is. However, we recognize that farming is more than a business; it is a way of life.

Dharma Group is uniquely positioned to deliver a vast array of distinctive mixtures, formulations, and high quality, differentiated products that meet local farmer and customer needs, thanks to a company culture that empowers our teams to listen to farmers and innovate from the field, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of active ingredients. We serve customers in over 50 districts across Nepal, with world-class production facilities and formulation centers, cutting-edge R&D, and a dedicated staff and employees.

Our Companies

Under Dharma Group, there are several of Nepal’s oldest and top agriculture import and innovation companies.

Research Driven

Making agriculture benefit from the latest research.

Enabling Healthier Produce

Food that nourishes people not harm.

sustainable agricultre

Conserving the environment.

Our Partners