dharma group

Let’s get to know about the origins of Dharma Group and what the story behind Dharma Group is.

We Have One Goal

To ProvideThe Highest Quality agricultural Products and Services.

Dharma Group is a group for the family business which was started around 40 years back as a local and small retailer which was started by Late Ram Lachan Prasad Sah in the village known as Matihani Bazar, Mahottari, Nepal. Later the business was upgraded by their sons Shree Uma Shankar Prasad Sah, Shree Hari Shankar Prasad Sah, and Dharmanath Prasad Sah with the proprietorship business as Messers Harishankar Beej Bhandar, Matihani, Mohattari Nepal, latter the business took a big share in the Agrochemical market in Nepal and business expanded its business area in Dhanusha, Mohattrai, Sirha, Saptari, Bara, etc.

Due to business expand and limited source and transported the business location was changed to Janakpur as its corporate office with the new name “Nepal Agro Center” which is a known name in the Agrochemicals business in Nepal and Indian market with its importing and sales, along with  service and certainty to the farmers in Nepal .

The concept for business expand was from Late Mr Dharmanath Prasad Sah the main leading person of the business and the business group name as “Dharma Group” is tribute to his leadership and support.

Mr. Dharmanath Prasad Sah was one of the main pillars of this business group.

Our commitment

Providing Tools and Knowledge For Flourishing Agriculture

We bring our worldwide reach, extensive expertise, and various resources to help Nepali farms thrive and advance our country.

Our Mission

To improve the lives of both producers and consumers, assuring progress for future generations.

Our Values

We are motivated by our values and mission, which is to improve the lives of both producers and consumers, assuring progress for future generations.

Enrich people’s lives

We pledge to improve people’s lives and the environment. As leaders, we strive to achieve a goal that is bigger than ourselves and benefits society.

Take a strong stance

We are brave leaders who take risks. We take the problems that our sector faces as our own, and we will rise to the occasion to guarantee that agriculture advances and flourishes.

Keep an open mind

We never stop innovating. We are quickening our pace of innovation in order to develop solutions that will ensure an ample supply of high-quality food in the future.

Building Together

Working together allows us to grow. We promote diversity and collaboration in order to create shared value by becoming one firm and reaching out throughout the food chain.

Good reputation

We always do the right thing, upholding the highest ethical standards and conducting business in a secure and transparent manner.

Safety Living

In all we do, we prioritize safety and the environment.