Our Companies

Dharma Group is home of Nepal’s most advanced and oldest agricultural and innovation companies.

Research Driven

All products backed by research.

Enabling Healthier Produce

Food that nourishes people not harm.

sustainable agricultre

Conserving the environment.

nepal agro centre Private Limited

In the areas where we operate, we have a well-established sales organization and related services. Customers are served by this organization in the routine maintenance of machines and equipment, as well as in the resolution of other issues.

Plant World Agro Suppliers

We provide breakthrough breakthroughs in agriculture guided by our mission “To improve the lives of both producers and consumers, assuring progress for future generations.” We help to create a future where crop diseases are not only treated but also successfully avoided or healed.

Nepal Agro Equipment Private Limited

We operate on a national scale. Our first objective has always been to meet our clients’ demands for high-quality, innovative farm equipment that is also environmentally friendly. 

crop science nepal

Crop Science Nepal is a company that was founded to solve issues of lack of fertilizers and pesticides in Nepal. Crop Science Nepal, with a global reach in many countries and key connections with agricultural giants aims to uplift the agricultural production of the country.

Nepal Agro Center

We collaborate closely with local merchants. Dealers are kept up to date on the newest knowledge on our machines and equipment through organized training, and we understand the importance of quick response to service requests, therefore we provide round-the-clock technical support to our customers and dealers from our facility.

NAC Research And Development Private Limited

NAC Research & Development Private Limited, a research-based corporation with a fertilizer manufacturing plant, was founded in 2020. The company boasts several firsts in the fields of pesticides and fertilizers approved by the Government of Nepal for use.